Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Welcome to "Missions as Ecclesiology." Here, we hope to discuss various things related to missions and ecclesiology. These two subjects, usually, are actually the same. We hope that our discussions foster further thoughts into the strong connection between missions and ecclesiology. To put it another way, we hope that this blog connects missions and the local church. We'll be discussing things that we have read and analyzing things, so feel free to comment and discuss these things with us.

Through Christ,


Alan Knox said...

This should be a very interesting blog. There are several "missionaries" in the blogosphere who are looking closely at the church. I look forward to reading this.
- Alan

dwmIII said...


I too am looking forward to the discussions that will be fostered here. My partner on this blog is far more qualified to discuss both missions and ecclesiology than I am.

Feel free to comment anytime. I know the issues we discuss here will be similar to the one's you discuss on your blog. We would love to hear from you in the future.