Saturday, December 9, 2006


When it comes to missions I personally will not be able to contribute as much to the discussion as my compadres here will be able to. But, what I do hope to do is get into books about missions and ecclesiology and discuss them with all of you.

Perhaps this book was not the best place to start in a discussion of missions, but I thought that since it was a relatively new book in missions, it would be a worthwile one to read on my own. So, currently I am reading David Hesselgrave's Paradigms in Conflict.

I'll take it chapter by chapter and review its contents with a follow up post on my reactions and critiques. I, by no means, am one who is qualified to critique this book, or any book for that matter. But, I do hope that the discussion generated here will be food for thought for years to come—for you and for myself.

So, pick up and read and we'll meet back here soon enough to discuss what we have found.

Through Christ,

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