Friday, June 1, 2007

Arab, Najdi Bedouin of Iraq

Coming in 2nd on the "Most Unreached People Groups" over at the Joshua Project are the Bedouins of Iraq.

Who Are They? The Najdi Bedouin of Iraq are like most Bedouins. They make their dwellings near the deserts found in the Middle East. Usually recognized by their black tents made of goat hair, the Najdi Bedouin are a nomadic people who live on the outskirts of the deserts during the hot summer months and deeper within the desert during the winter. They eat mostly unleavened bread, products made from goat milk and yogurt with dates that they find in the desert oasis. They are a proud people who allow marriage only within their own people to preserve their lineage.

What do they Believe? It should be no surprise that they practice Islam. They are Sunni Muslims and practice the five pillars of Islam.

Status of Evangelization: There are very few known believers amongst the Najdi Bedouin of Iraq (or for any Bedouins for that matter). Mainly, because their beliefs require that a convert from Islam to Christianity is to be killed. Also, due to their nomadic nature, it is hard to interact with Bedouins and thus makes it hard to share the Gospel with them. No agencies or churches have engaged them. Maybe your church could be the first! They also do not have the scriptures in their language in any format.

How Can You Pray/Get Involved? For prayer, you can visit the
Joshua Project. By the way, half the links for prayer on this website are down, so there aren't many avenues to learn how to pray for these people outside of the JP. You can also visit here to learn more.